Monday, September 19, 2011

My trip in China (5): Wu Liang Su Hai - the Lake in the infertile inland

This is an inland that lacks of trees, grass, and water.

 But there is a 2nd largest inland lake in Inner Mongol of China. It is so called "Wu Liang Su Hai".

Seen from far away, a line links the water and the sky. 

Enter the lake.

 A  little village in the lake.

The island of reed!

 The waves.

The bird specimens from the lake.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Smoking from the behind of the bald mountains

The smoke is rising but not caused by forestry fire. It burns the mountains for mining. When the mountains gradually disappears, the sky turns grey, and it is dirty around, some people become rich and leave endless sand to the future.

A infertile land with bald mountains. But they are enriched with valuable ores. 

 Sand mountains are being built up.

The black gold is shining in the infertile land.
Therefore, someone is smiling and someone is crying.